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We offer a mail-in repair service for all local and out of state customers. Please click here if you are interested in using our mail-in service.

iPhone Repair

iPhone or Any Phone repair. Charging issue or just replacing the glass , battery or any other part we can fix. The iPhone experts can herlp!

Mac Repair

From a simple software OSX repair to a complex logic board liquid spill repair or Mac Data Recovery we can help

Computer Repair

Desktop or a laptop, The PC experts are here to help with any computer issue. Hardware or software we can fix ! 

Data Recovery

If it is a simple recovery or requires a serious lab environment, we can solve your problem. Recovering Data from any storage !

Popular Repairs

We service all kinds of repairs for Mac computers and PCs, including both laptops and desktops. We even cover a wide range of repairs for your devices from cracked screen repairs to liquid spill repairs. We even offer more complicated repairs such as logic board repairs and replacements to data transfer and recovery from failing drives. So whether it is a quick service repair or an intense data recovery, the experts at LapFix have your back.

MacBook Screen

We understand that a cracked screen on your Macbook is a huge setback for you, which is why the Mac experts at LapFix are here to help you. We can replace your screen and get you back in business. We offer screen repairs on all Mac devices regardless of model.

Liquid Spill Repair

A liquid spill on your PC or Mac is never fun, but our specialized technicians can repair liquid spills no matter how complex they seem. So whether you spilled apple juice, wine, or water on your laptop, you can trust our technicians to repair it.

Mac Upgrade

Did you know that upgrading your iMac HDD to a SSD can get you better performance and 5 times more speed? Ask us how to increase your storage, memory, and even speed on your Mac machines. We can upgrade your RAM, drives, and even MacOS.

Logic Board Repair

Oftentimes, logic board issues result in no power issues, charging issues, and booting issues in Macs, PCs, and Desktops. Our expert technicians specialize in repairing these complex logic board issues that can help you. Logic board repairs are a specialty repair in which we either repair board components or we even offer full logic board replacements and swaps because at the end of the day, we want you to have your device working again.

Power DC Jack Repair

Are you having trouble with your laptop charging and it not powering? One of the more common issues we see is that the Power DC Jack, or charging port, becomes damaged over time and needs to be repaired or replaced. No worries because our technicians can easily repair or replace your charging port for you for you. We can fix the DC Jack on any and all of your devices with this issue such as laptops, tablets, phones, and even desktops so that you can get your device powered up again in no time.

Gaming PC

Are you looking to building your next new gaming PC? Let the PC gaming experts guide you to the best software and hardware configurations on the market. We want to take your PC Gaming to the next level so let us custom build your dream gaming computer with the latest graphics cards, processors, RAM sticks, and motherboards


What Our Clients Say

These guys are FANTASTIC!  They have fixed several iPhones for me, as well as a laptop. They are always very friendly and provide outstanding customer service.  They charge a very reasonable price for their service. Highly recommend!!
Robert Workaq

Arlington - Virginia

They provided quick and transparent service, and were professional and helpful. They clearly took the time to figure out what was wrong, and even noticed a few other things, which shows to me that they were thorough in looking at the computer itself. Super fair price for replacing a hard drive. I’ll definitely use them again in the future if I need to!
Samantha Snyder

Washington , DC

My wife and I have each had LapFix help us with recovering data from old computers and consolidating data onto external hard drives. Their service is excellent: quick, polite, and reasonably-priced. I strongly recommend them.
Sean Beaty

Alexandria , Virginia

Lapfix has outstanding service. They fixed my wife’s brand new macbook pro computer after we dropped water and were able to get it back to new status. They also fixed my iphone after I cracked the entire glass and is now back to new statusp. Absolutely excellent service. Recommend them without hesitation!
David Leonard

Fairfax , Virginia


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