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Despite there being many benefits to fixing computers, it seems that the market is geared towards pushing consumers to replace their devices. However, the computer repair industry is heading into a new era of popularity in 2022 due to various driving factors.

The global semiconductor shortage

The shortage, which started in early 2020, has affected numerous industries across the globe. This has resulted in massive price increases in the computer industry due to low stock and high demand. Industry experts also predict that expensive components will result in laptop prices continuing to rise in the future. This means that fixing computers will now be a much more valuable proposition than simply replacing devices, especially since fixing an issue is almost always cheaper than the alternative.

There’s no way of telling exactly when the semiconductor shortage will end, but some researchers point to 2023. Even then, manufacturers could take advantage of increased prices to continue rolling out devices at higher premiums. Therefore, it’s likely that more consumers will look to repair their existing devices instead of buying them new.


The right to repair movement

Another driving force behind the growing popularity is the global push for the right to repair. One of the main reasons the market is geared towards replacing instead of fixing is that manufacturers implement restrictions on what can be fixed. As a result, we feel forced to buy new instead of spending less to repair, especially before the device has reached the end of its shelf life.

This means that we can’t fix the issue ourselves, and professional repair shops sometimes have limited access to parts. The movement is still gaining ground in the US; however, new regulations are now forcing manufacturers to provide the parts to make repairing a more viable option. As more manufacturers concede to the measure, the easier and cheaper it will be to repair computers.


Companies can repair complex motherboard issues

Another reason you might feel like you have to spend money on a costly laptop replacement is if the issue with the device involves the motherboard. Many laptop problems are related to this component, and replacing it is expensive.

You might even be told that the issue can’t be fixed, leaving you with no choice but to buy a new one. However, companies such as LapFix implement expert knowledge to fix complex liquid spill and power repair issues with motherboards on either Macs or PCs.

It’s a complex job that requires an expert understanding, so some companies don’t offer it as a service. Repairing the motherboard instead of replacing it or buying a new laptop will always be cheaper. As a result, having this option available will mean that laptop repairs will continue to be an attractive proposition over the alternative.

Finally, it’s important to note that getting this type of work done by an experienced company is always better than trying to DIY since there are many complex elements, and the margin for error is slim. Professionals will also spot the motherboard issue more quickly and repair it in a shorter period.