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Welcome to our iMac Repair service, iMac enjoy some of the biggest selling points where their users are concerned mainly because they will not find themselves having troubleshooting issues or updating drivers for hours on end. Just like any other device you may find that your iMac is experiencing problems that need to be fixed. The following are the most common problems that users mainly experience and how they can easily be fixed. They include;

Running slow

In the event that you find your MacBook running very slow first access the Activity Monitor where you’ll see about five different tabs. Click on the Memory tab and you’ll be led to a window that displays all processes running on the MacBook together with a graph showing memory usage. If you see green, all is well with your system but amber or red signifies that OS X is having trouble managing memory and this may be the reason as to why your MacBook is running slow. Memory-hogging may be the cause for this so start by organizing your list according to memory usage and you’ll easily identify the culprit.

Fixing a lost Wi-Fi connection and getting online

Users have reported irregular Wi-Fi issues where disconnection happens at random. If you have been experiencing this, configure your MacBook to connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network since its range is shorter than a 2.4GHz network. This is advised because a 5GHz Wi-Fi network has less interference since no domestic appliances use that particular frequency. This frequency is also known for supporting faster data transfers and in the long run, your Wi-Fi connection will even improve.

Charging issues

If you plug in your MacBook for charging and nothing happens, you’re advised that you should fully remove the battery then re-insert it. If that doesn’t work, consider resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) which requires you to shut down. Soon as it is off, connect your MacBook to a MagSafe power adapter then press the control, shift option and power buttons together for about 4 seconds then release them all at the same time. After that is when you press the power button that starts up your MacBook to see if the problem has been fixed, if not, this means that your battery has reached its end and you may need to take your MacBook for servicing.

If your MacBook freezes

There is also the issue of freezing that a lot of MacBook users come across at some point usually due to apps that will not close or are simply unresponsive or frozen. One way of fixing this is to Quit then restart and this is because OS X is best handled this way. Another way of quitting an app is to Control then click on the app’s frozen icon and the Options menu will be brought forward from the dock. You then hold the Option key for the purposes of changing the Quit option to Force quit, which then force closes the app. Ensure that you’ve saved all your data since force quitting means that you will lose any data you haven’t saved.

Not shutting down

In case your MacBook isn’t shutting down, first give it time since OS X usually sorts through all open files then closes them in a systematic manner before safely shutting itself down. If after about five minutes the MacBook is still on, go to the Dock and ensure that there are no open apps or app alerts since they are bound to interrupt the shutting down process. If the issue still persists, press and hold the power button until the screen goes black. This is manual shutting down and should only be done once in a long while.

Where data recovery is concerned, taking your MacBook to Apple in time will ensure that you recover your data if it’s not already compromised.

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