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We use our Smart Phones everyday. We take them with us everywhere. Whether it’s to capture those moments and sharing it with our friends and loved ones, or even checking an important email We just need it to work. Whether it’s a cracked screen, phone won’t power on, viruses, not to worry. We can handle it. We can repair all the major brands like iPhone and Samsung as well as the other ones that are hard to pronounce like Huawei.
At Lapfix, We understand how valuable your Data is to you. So questions like: “I broke my phone, but I have so much data on there!” We got a solution for that. “I just got a new phone, but I want to put all my contacts and pictures on my new phone, but how?” We also got an answer for that. We provide many Data services, such as backups, recovery, transfers and much more.
Come in today and let us take a look, and get you going again!

Phone Repair in Virginia

Typical fixes:

  • Screen Replacement
  • Power Jack Replacement
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Data Transfers
  • Phone Liquid Spills 
  • Data Recovery 
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At LapFix we are committed to the highest quality laptop & computer repair in Virginia.

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At LapFix we are committed to the highest quality Phone repair

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