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Gaming PC

Building a gaming PC is a dream of many gamers. It is a sure-shot way to make sure that the system is as per your personal choice. Whenever you build up the PC yourself, you get to decide everything that goes into its building. And if you have a home-built PC, there are chances that you can always upgrade it as per your desire.

Whenever you build a PC for your gaming purposes, you can change it as per your preference. Whether your gaming taste changes or it requires other changes, everything can get done when you choose to customize your PC.

Building a whole new PC might sound like a big task, but it is simpler than you think. Here is a list of the components that you will require to build your first PC for gaming purposes.


A central processing unit or CPU is the brain of the computer. The CPU will help in controlling the different tasks on your computer. Also, it will help in determining the tasks that your computer will be able to do at once, and the time taken for completing these tasks.

There are different specifications that you can use for comparing the different central processing units available for you. You can research over the web to see which CPU will best suit your PC requirements, and settle accordingly.

You can even take the advice of your gamer friend and purchase the recommended PC which well-suits your needs.


The motherboard has different gaming PC components in it. It takes the diversified pieces, helps them in sitting together, and helps them to behave well when working together.

Choose a motherboard that can accommodate the video card, memory, and diversified components that you want in the PC.


Always remember to equip your PC with the best memory sticks which can hold the required details. Random-access memory (RAM) lets the computer access the files easily and quickly. Also, they help in running different processes at one time without any lagging.

You will require at least 4GB RAM for your PC. Don’t consider anything less than that when you consider building your PC. 16GB of Ram is more than enough for any of your gaming requirements.

Check the motherboard’s specifications and see how many RAM sticks you will require. Also, consider what are the speeds and types offered.

Graphics processing unit

The GPU is a cool component and helps in making your game look more photorealistic. Also, it helps in stopping your computer from crashing or slowing down the gameplay.

You can read the popular websites and get the reviews of the GPU and figure which one to purchase.


It can get difficult to decide on how much storage you will require. Take the help of your gamer expert friend in this case. You can even take the help of your current gaming list, and see how much space they require.

Also, you need to choose between a hard drive or a solid-state drive. If choosing the right storage sounds too much like a task, then, don’t worry. You can easily add storage to your gaming PC in the future.

Power supply

You will require to attach the electric power so that your PC can come to life. Here, you will require to select the best PSU.

Don’t settle for a cheap PSU, instead choose a high-quality one. Buy a good PSU so that the PC can function well.


A computer case is where everything will be placed. You need to invest in a good power source as well as a nice case so that your PC can last longer.

If you want to invest in a forever case, choose the one made from metal and not plastic. Also, make sure it has plenty of space to keep all your components ventilated. Also, don’t forget that you might require replacement in the future, so, get a case that has room left for future replacement.

Don’t forget to check the reviews. If you are doing online purchasing, then, it can get quite tricky to judge the product on an online photo basis. So, checking the reviews here will help.

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